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From 1998 thru 2005 I picked up my Trumpet again after  13 yrs. and I've played Trumpet in several Bands around Dayton.....
But as of Sept. 3, 2005  I've quit playing....Time to take care of family matters & build models.

Building 1/25th scale models

I change hobbies like the seasons.....For the past several years I've been into building models.

Started out doing a build of  a 69 Camaro SS 350 I used to have.....used to have.....yes it hurts.
It is a 1/18 scale die-cast that was completely redone to factually resemble my 69....
One thing lead to another and now  I'm building  models from aftermarket parts not kits......
Don Thuene at Reliable Resin has been a big part of advancing my skill level and helping me think
outdside the model box  

Modeling  & cool rods sites

 Chevado "55 Nomad Wheelstander"     

 Dick Harrell Website      

 War Eagle Racing - Dale Pulde


 Radical Decals

 Straight Line Modeler

Working on 1:1's   

I used to do alot of work out in the garage. Here is a special project.

Link:    1975 Malibu