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1975 Malibu   -   This was a joint project by my father and I. It all began in 1986. The car has taken on three different stages
                                       during the process of getting the look we wanted.  And remember the motto of 73-77 Chevelles, "The Forgotten
                                       4th  Generation.

This is what  it looked like in the beginning                                                                                                                                    



                                 Then the first Stage of changes.       Always start with a good engine.

       1969 350 sbc, bored & stroked to 388 cu. in.                                           1970 Double Hump Heads, 202/160 valves                                                                            

                                        Trim the chrome look off, and applied Dupont Can-Am White


     Now , if that wasn't enough. Stage 2  _____________________________________________________________________________________________________

New quarter panels,  a S-3 Laguna Nose, glass hood,  4-pt Rollbar, Centerlines & Tires.                 

This time, Ditzler PPG  Appliance White was applied to the body.

And some minor engine modifications.......


Also, tossed the heater and controls, added B&M floor shifter and guage panel.   Stage 2  definetly involved the most work........


                        Now for Stage 3, and the Final Stage. The car just needed something to set it off. Added some graphics.

                                        Taken Summer of '04



The car has made it to several car shows over the years, and has 2 trophies to it's credit, Best Show"Custom", and a Top Ten "Custom. Not bad since most people think Chevelles stopped in 1972...............It was featured in the Chevy Trader in 1999.                                         Click here to view-   Chevy Trader 1999