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Lima Ohio  2005    R&B Concert                                                        Donahues Tavern Springfield Ohio 2005

Music Links
Maynard Ferguson Tribute

Trumpet Stuff

Oberloh Brass Works


Steve Hyde (The Chatter Band)     One of the coolest cats I've met on the internet.  A great New Jersey lead trumpet player currently with The Chatter Band.
                                                          This band has some great demo music sound files on their website.
                                                          Steve is a great source of trumpet knowledge and has an impressive collection of  
                                                          vintage Trumpet Manufacture literature from Holton,  Getzen  you name it.

Dayton Area Musicians, I've had the pleasure of Performing With.....
Visit Their Websites Below....

Rick Bailey          Looks, Plays, & Sounds like Eric Clapton.

 John Ianni           This is a One Man Band.  The Best Keyboard Player around, Great Vocalist. Has performed on several CD's.
                             John is currently working with 24/7, a local Pop Band.